7000 to go

Thank you everyone who has supported this great cause, we are just 7,000 away from finishing the project. We are on a time scale to finish due to municipality inspections which include fines if we don’t make progress soon. We have tried lots of different banks in Bulgaria to loan us the money in order to finish, Sadly because of Brexit the banks are not supporting loans to foreigners. We have until June to make this happen and are begging everyone to spare some loose change or a pound. we have so many supporters out there we are begging for small amounts from everyone. If anyone out there is willing to loan us the funding for this project please contact us, terms and conditions will apply.

We are now ready to start phase 2 with our kennels, this will take place starting on the ground floor. Phase 2 Concrete blocks moved outside which we will recycle for the fencing base, new glass in windows has been replaced they will just need tidying up a bit ,the floor on phase 2 as been concreted ,tomorrow the walls will be tidied up and filled where needs filling ,water pipes are now in place with running water,the medical room is ready for for tiling ,and needs a wash basin  boiler and medical cabinet .Phase 2  will be ready next week to put the kennels in . Time is against us the guys are working from 7am till 7pm in order to move the animals in. Heavy snow and blizzards are forecast for the next 15 days in the area,which will delay the work unless we can afford to pay for extra staff to help.Your help with donations is vital at this moment please help where you can .Donations via Paypal  barry855@btinternet.com  or via Bank acc contact us via pm or comment on this thread for bank details ……….Thank you all so very much for your support x



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