Abbie Update


Abbie is as everyone knows safely at our vets now, shes been through a lot over the last few days with tests etc, so far what has come back is that it has NOT been a rape as the ladies who alerted her to us first suggested but it is a tumour and a really bad one at that, the tumour has not attached itself as of yet to the bladder, but our problems for her do not stop there as she also has heartworms its not good for either of these for her, they are going to have a talk to see which is the best way to go for her, they would we think have to work on the heartworms first then the tumour but they are both just as bad as each other so this is what they need to discuss about it for, we will keep everyone updated as we hear from them, shes comfortable at the moment but still not out of the woods as of yet, please pray for our little girl

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